In the woods above Lambs Bane, is it really the wolves you need to be afraid of?

Wolves of lambs bane kindle cover

The Wolves of Lambs Bane is the new teen thriller
that turns the supernatural genre on its head.

It chronicles the first dramatic episode in Hazel's life, revealing the family heritage that will forever alter her future.

Lovers of suspense, mystery or paranormal stories will love this tale of secret traditions, loyalty and betrayal, all set against the day-to-day backdrop of secondary school life.

"The girl stares at the church door, unsure how she has ended up in this place. Above, the clear night sky is black as fear, while pale mist curls between the trees, low and sinister. It snakes around her ankles, as if to pull her back into the darkness from which THEY are coming. Clouds gather overhead to hide the awful truth of what is to about to happen…" Hazel’s family history is rooted in the tiny village of Lambs Bane, where wolves roam wild behind a secure barbed wire fence. Shunned by the town kids and humiliated at school, she dreams of a life of excitement in the outside world. But when her family are threatened, she can no longer ignore the dark and menacing danger that lurks at the heart of the old traditions.

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